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“Spiritual direction is, in reality, nothing more than a way of leading us to see and obey the real Director — the Holy Spirit hidden in the depths of our soul.” – Thomas Merton

Lori Mathiowetz

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Lori is committed to providing her clients with a non-judgmental, compassionate
environment to explore their personal spirituality. She has a reverence for the
dignity, equality, rights, and gifts of all persons, and believes in the
inherent presence of God in each and every human being, wherever they are spiritually.

  • Master’s degree in Theology from Saint Catherine’s University
  • Adjunct Professor of Theology; Saint Catherine's University
  • Experienced Retreat Facilitator

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Who Are Spiritual Directors?

Spiritual Directors are people who…

Are trained in the spiritual life, human development, theology and scripture. They are typically receiving ongoing supervision in their ministry of spiritual direction to help them in listening for the presence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of others. Our goal as spiritual directors is to offer a prayerful, intentional, contemplative presence for clients to explore their journey with God. You should feel as if your spiritual director has created a safe, confidential and holy space for you to reflect on and experience the presence of the creator in you unique life story.

  • Lori Mathiowetz is a woman of great wisdom and insight. She has been extraordinarly faithful to her own ongoing faith journey. Her honesty, creativity, and deep prayerful listening to others are vital in her ministry of spiritual direction. Lori strives to journey with those who seek spiritual healing, hope and growth in their spiritual lives. As a presenter, Lori brings forth vibrant images and rich stories regarding the wholelistic spiritual life to groups and individuals.

    Mary Pauluk, MA, Board Certified Chaplain

  • Lori was always a rare talent. Her willingness to speak up and yet listen, her strength of conviction and yet her openness to contrary opinion, all wrapped up in a winning personality, made her an indispensable presence for me and her classmates. She showed movingly that theology is not a bloodless intellectual enterprise, but a profound reflection that arises out of life and returns to life. The stage then is beautifully set for her next move, which is into the vocation of spiritual direction. In a word, the highest recommendation.

    Thomas H. West, Ph.D, Professor of Theology, St. Catherine University

  • Lori's teachings are a masterful merger of bright, youthful energy with wit and wisdom captivating both young and old. Her yoga and meditation classes are a pleasant departure from the faster-paced, high intensity experiences typically found in Western yoga classes. Instead, Lori takes you on a journey in mind, body and spirit reconnecting you from root to rise. The result is a refreshing return to wholeness.

    Jill Augustin, Registered Instructor, Yoga Alliance

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