I think I have been on a Karma kick lately. Every religious and spiritual tradition on earth has a word describing this “law of attraction,” so call it what you will: Karma, What-Goes-Around-Come-Around, Do Unto Others, you can find some variation of this philosophy in every self-help book at Barnes and Noble. I am going to give it a new name, cause what the heck why not, (drumroll please) The Boomerang Theory: whatever you put out there, will come flying back in your face.

Now in all fairness, I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic. This whole “your thoughts become reality” thing always seemed at odds with my justice orientation. It doesn’t seem completely fair to say that everything that happens to people can be traced back to something they have thought, done or not done. But as of late, I’m having a hard time denying that there isn’t some kernel of truth in The Boomerang Theory. For instance, I am virtually certain of the fact that my brain controls sound waves, as every time I have a song stuck in my head, it comes on the radio. When I find myself missing old friends, they randomly call to hang out, etc. I would like to continue my skepticism, but the evidence in my own life experiences just isn’t helping much.

So I figured I mind as well capitalize on it and attract a vacation to Fiji into my life. The ultimate test of The Boomerang Theory is to make a Vision Board. If you have never done this, and want to have a fun experience with your girlfriends that makes you feel like a teenager again, I highly suggest having a Vision Board party. You will need: a large tagboard, a glue stick, and a stack of magazines. My girlfriend and I had no magazines, and randomly her co-worker brought in a huge stack of magazines and asked if anyone wanted them. Evidence? The Universe providing? I’ll let you decide.

I set out to make my vision board with one intention: I needed more focus and discipline in my life. You see, I am one of those whimsical souls that says “yes” to everything and likes to have many coals burning on the fire at one time. This is enormously fun, and affords me many exciting opportunities. It is also exhausting and difficult to actually finish anything.

So I cut out lots of pictures of things like clean houses, orderly kitchens, etc. But as I got going, I also saw lots of other things I wanted to attract into my life: fashion, smiling families, guitars, tight butts. It also occurred to me about half way through my day that I had some art magazines that I should really cut pictures out of and add to my Vision Board, thought they really had nothing to do with anything other than aesthetics. But hey, who doesn’t need more art in their life?!

Long story short, my vision board took on a life of its own and declared anarchy on my intention for a “more focused, disciplined life.” Instead, what manifested was a chaotic mess of things that are already present in my life. They’re just not all present at the same time, or all of the time. As I cradled my glass of wine staring at my masterpiece I saw that this disaster I had created, was the life I am currently living. And dang is it cool! Now, naturally there are certainly things that aren’t quite as picturesque as they look on a glossy magazine cover. I don’t have six pack abs, but I have health. I don’t have a beach to sit in lotus pose meditating on, but I have a comfy porch that is perfect for meditating. I can’t afford to go to Fiji this year, but in April I get to go on a business trip with my husband to California…where I understand they distribute Fiji water…yeah I know, that one’s a stretch.

The reality is that even if I got all those things exactly as displayed, it wouldn’t be long before I would want something new, different, and better. I would want the latest model, the next upgrade. The grass is always greener.

Sometimes when you can’t get what you want, you need to teach yourself to want what you got.

I still buy into the Boomerang Theory even though I don’t believe my Vision Board will come to pass exactly as I have displayed it. I stop and look at it several times a day and just in the simple act of stopping, taking a breath, and spending time with some aspect of that masterpiece I have created, I connect my intentions for my day with my intentions for my life. That sort of intentional living, combined with a mysterious energy present in our world that you can name how you wish, is what attracts positivity to our life. Live in victim mentality every day and you bet your gonna pave the road for all kinds of yuck to come to pass. Surround yourself with your greatest hopes and dreams….

And I guess you’ll see.