guatThe spiritual life is not an individualistic endeavor that cuts us off from the world. Rather, we are all connected, an interdependent, human community. Our spirituality is brought to fruition both in our inner life, and also in our life as we live it outwardly in our world.

In an effort to offer programs that give us an opportunity to bring our spiritual lives full circle, I offer an annual retreat to the mission in San Lucas Tolimon Guatemala. Started by Fr Greg Schaffer, a diocesan priest from New Ulm, it is perhaps one of the most well-known missions in Guatemala. Its long-term devotion has been the enhancement and enrichment of the whole person – spiritually, intellectually, and physically – by addressing both the immediate effects of poverty and its underlying causes.

Efforts at the San Lucas Parish are unique in that they don’t simply give money in an attempt toward “charity” but rather, respond to the expressed felt need of the people, working to build the infrastructure necessary so that the people might grow out of the process of poverty. Socio-economic programming at the mission is based in Christian Social Doctrine and is designed to develop five basic human rights: food security, shelter, healthcare, education and work.

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