It’s OK to not be OK

[As published in River Valley Woman magazine] I’m not sure if this is going to be OK with readers, but this month I had a disagreement with Oprah. She doesn’t know about it, but we’re fighting. It’s all because of this little quote of hers: “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more… Read more »

“Don’t Just Do Something, SIT THERE!”

(As seen in the September 2016 issue of River Valley Woman Magazine) Today, I did something amazing: Nothing. Nothing at all. Well in all fairness I’m writing this column, but besides that, I’ve committed myself to doing nada, zip, zilch. It’s the most incredible high. So marvelous in fact that I just have to write… Read more »


As seen published in River Valley Woman Magazine We live in an increasingly unhappy, intolerant, and violent country. Our populace is plagued by depression and anxiety; more so than any other. Our current political situation has us wracked with uncertainty and distrust; not only in our leaders, but our family, friends and neighbors. Given the… Read more »


It probably wouldn’t surprise anyone to find out that I’m a bit of a retreat junkie. I love attending retreats, I love planning retreats for groups, I just love retreating! Usually when I run off on retreat, I insist on going alone. There’s something about the experiencing of “leavin it all behind,” that gives me a bit more… Read more »

3 Marriage Rules NOT to live by

Researchers recently released a study showing that the “in love experience” and the experience of being drunk are, well, pretty much the same thing. Apparently the chemical compounds oxytocin and alcohol have remarkably similar neurological effects, characterized by both; a nonsensical euphoria, and also a touch of boastful, envious behavior. In fact areas of the… Read more »


I think I have been on a Karma kick lately. Every religious and spiritual tradition on earth has a word describing this “law of attraction,” so call it what you will: Karma, What-Goes-Around-Come-Around, Do Unto Others, you can find some variation of this philosophy in every self-help book at Barnes and Noble. I am going… Read more »