All You Need Is Love

(As seen published in River Valley Woman Magazine) “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only love can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” MLK I don’t send out an annual Christmas card summarizing my family’s antics for the year. I do, however, send out a Valentine’s Day card doing basically… Read more »

New Year’s Vision

(As seen published in River Valley Woman Magazine) I think I have been on a Karma kick lately. Every religious and spiritual tradition on earth has a word describing this “law of attraction,” so call it what you will: Karma, What-Goes-Around-Come-Around, The Law of Attraction, Do Unto Others, you can find some variation of this… Read more »


(As seen published in River Valley Woman) Midriff tops are back in fashion, WHAT NEXT! I don’t think I will be rushing to show off my midsection anytime soon. It takes enough daring to wear my two-piece swimsuit to the beach these days, especially given my daughter’s infatuation with my post-childbirth belly button. “Is it… Read more »


(As seen published in River Valley Woman Magazine) If something is not fun, I make it fun. It’s a personality trait that often surprises people. I suppose they think that since I am a 30 something wife, mother, meditation teacher, adjunct theology professor, etc. that I must be an awfully serious person. But I really… Read more »


[As seen published in River Valley Woman magazine] I had the privilege this summer of teaching my first undergraduate theology course in Saint Paul. It’s probably the nerd in me, but in my world, combining the summer sun with academia is the best! My students didn’t think so. For most of them, (maybe all of… Read more »

On Tragedy

[As seen published in River Valley Woman Magazine} Tragedy. It’s been a rough month in the river valley. The endless winter that has only recently begun to ease its icy grip on our lives seems to give way to endless tragedy. House fires, fatal car accidents, deaths from exposure to the elements, carbon-monoxide poisonings, youth… Read more »