Contemplative Action

A paradox that I live daily, actually one we all live daily, is holding the tension between our individual, personal spirituality–and our lived faith on a communal level. How do we maintain a sense of the contemplative, while also navigating how to appropriately discern when we are standing toe to toe with injustice and must speak… Read more »

A great tool for prayer!

So often we talk ABOUT prayer, or we study methods of prayer. But rarely do we find someone who can teach us the HOW TO’S of prayer. I have found guided meditations to be a very helpful starting place to get me out of the habit of simply reading lots and lots of books about… Read more »

A Violinist in the Metro

I love this story, and just had to share. What a great example of the importance of the work of cultivating mindfulness in our lives. What daily things of beauty are you missing out on? Not sure where to start or how to slow down? For starters: find a good spiritual director!                                                     A man… Read more »

Some dreams are just MEANT to be shared

I haven’t blogged in almost a year, but had the most beautiful dream last night that I absolutely cannot forget, so I drug myself out of bed to force myself to type it all out before I forgot the details of it with each passing second of consciousness. I hope it speaks to you the… Read more »

San Lucas, Guatemala

I know it’s been awhile since I last blogged…it’s mostly because I’ve been busy preparing for THIS trip: out the awesome insights from the kids experiencing Guatemala this Holy Week! Couldn’t be more proud! -Lori

Lent, TEC, and Julian

“God, in your goodness, give me yourself. For you are enough for me, and may I not ask anything that is less, that may be fully worthy of you. For if I ask any thing that is less, I am left always wanting. Because only in you, have I all.” -Julian of Norwich I had… Read more »