A Dog’s Purpose

I’ve gotten this forward a couple times before and ignored it. For some reason it hit me today though. Some forwards are definitely worth a share (and a couple tears)…this one, I number amongst them. Animals have so much to show us about how to live. But first, we must slow down long enough to… Read more »

“When I pray, I hold a silly, naïve, or deadly serious dialogue with what is deepest inside me, which for the sake of convenience I call God.” -Etty Hillesum

            After a few years of studying theology, I learned that whenever we were reading Holocaust literature for class, it would be necessary for me to warn my husband ahead of time. I was absolutely miserable to live with when reading Holocaust literature, and he deserved fair warning. I became so entrenched in the accounts… Read more »

Shadows in the Night

Every little girl has a monster that keeps them up at night. Mine was: “the Shad” or Shadows, and it was a nightly ritual in my house that upon tucking me in, my parents would put on a large ritual of wrestling “the Shad,” hoisting him up, and throwing him out my window. The monster… Read more »

Gone and yet they Remain

As Christmas approaches I’ve been thinking a lot about an important professor to my personal spiritual development, Dr. Russ Connors, whose family will be celebrating their first Christmas without him this year. As my academic advisor he was the kindest, most patient man, I was so lucky to have his guidance in my early years… Read more »

Dogs as Spiritual Directors

     One of my favorite ways of praying is hiking with my dog Zoe through the state park. I was remembering today a hike we did a couple of years ago when Zoe, after following a scent for awhile ran back to me, begging me to follow her. She brought me up around a bend… Read more »

Be Happy!

A wonderful reminder from a wise friend. Check out her blog: http://onbeingmindful.wordpress.com/ Has anyone ever told you it was wrong to feel proud of yourself or to be too happy? What is bad about feeling good? Nothing at all, if you ask me. But there are some people who will try to get you to believe… Read more »