Free 30 minute consultation

If you are hearing about spiritual direction for the first time, you might be saying to yourself “I never knew such a thing as spiritual direction existed, I wish I would have known sooner.” Or “I could’ve used a spiritual director years ago when I was going through_____” I hear this a lot. For this reason, I always offer to meet with you for an initial consultation for free. This gives people the opportunity to see my office, meet me, and talk about whether spiritual direction is right for them. I am happy to refer you to someone else, or even to help you find a spiritual director closer to where you live if New Ulm is far away.

Spiritual Autobiography Interviews

The Spiritual Autobiography Interview is a way of examining the development of your faith life. This 4 part interview takes approximately 3 hours and involves reflection questions that trace your childhood beliefs growing up through today. This can be helpful to do at our first meeting as a sort of “life in review” to help you better see where you have come from and where you are going. People also like to experience the autobiography interview during times of life transition when they feel compelled to look back and reflect on their lives.

 The Mindful Living Program

The Mindful Living Program is a six week course designed to teach participants how to be more “present to the present moment.” Learning mindfulness skills helps to enhance attention, focused concentration, communication, stress-reduction, and living with greater ease. Mindfulness is a way of learning to relate directly to whatever is happening in your life non-judgmentally by developing moment-to-moment awareness of your usual reactions to your life’s stressors. The program includes daily practice assignments, handouts, mindfulness CD’s to be used at home, and weekly meetings with Lori. Participants will become more aware of moments of “mindlessness” –loss of awareness resulting in forgetfulness, separation from self and others, and living life mechanically or on “auto-pilot.” The cost is $240 for 6 meetings, CD’s and handouts.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

As time allows, I teach Meditation and Yoga classes. My classes are very accessible for those who have never had any experience with yoga or meditation. The focus is on slowing down and fostering a sense of awareness of the present moment. I am certified to teach Yoga by the National Exercise Trainers Association and participate in annual mindfulness meditation teacher training. These classes are free of charge for those currently enrolled in my Mindful Living Program. Check events calendar for offerings.

Lending Library

For my regular clients I keep a lending library of books, articles, and handouts pertaining to theology, spirituality and living with ease. Though I don’t typically “assign” books for people to read, if one comes to mind as particularly helpful to you I may recommend it. If there is a book on spirituality you have been itching to read, don’t buy it! Chances are I have it (: