“You are not a human being on a spiritual journey, you are a spiritual being on the human journey.”

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Spiritual direction is the process of accompanying you on your spiritual journey, inviting you to a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspect of being human. I offer a confidential, supportive place to help you notice God’s presence amidst the everyday moments of your life. Because the hectic nature of life makes it very difficult to take time for our spiritual lives, I have found that the most helpful thing for people is simply setting aside the time to meet and become more mindful. Learning to be more mindful is foundational in order to heal both ourselves, and our world. By doing so, clients begin the process of coming home to their deepest self.

Whether you are taking the first steps to learn to pray, or have been meditating for decades, spiritual direction is valuable. Spiritual direction is a place to reflect on more apparent spiritual questions like: how to pray, your ongoing spiritual practices, questions of faith, concerns about your church, etc. However we also give attention to relationships, family, choices, loss, goals, work, etc. Taking into consideration your unique personality and temperament, we focus on your total spiritual formation, which includes your day to day life, and in this way can bring greater meaning to your life by bridging your spiritual life, with your life as you live it daily.