Supplementing programs and services for churches, non-profits, and employers is a passion of mine. “Today I will receive instead of plan, so I can give instead of organize” is a wonderful credo for those who find themselves in HR, ministry, or care-giving professions.  So, in addition to spiritual direction, I also offer consulting, workshops, and retreats. Here are examples of things I have done in the past, easily adaptable to fit the needs of your group.

Spiritual Direction for Today

An Introduction to what Spiritual Direction is and how it can bring greater purpose and meaning to your life. This hands on workshop goes beyond a lecture on the history and mechanics of the practice of spiritual direction and is filled with music, discussion, and a group experience of spiritual direction. Because I believe in the importance of bringing a public awareness of the ministry of spiritual direction, this workshop is FREE when it is within an hour of New Ulm. It can also work well combined with a theme of your choice.

Prayer Sampler Workshop

This workshop samples a variety of different prayer experiences. This can be decided depending upon the needs of your group. Some done in the past are: Lectio Divina, Ignatian Prayer, Centering Prayer, Mindfulness Meditation, Guided Imagery, Journaling, and prayer with music.

Healing Our Image of God

The image of God that we grow up with can drastically affect our ability to share our deepest self with God in prayer and in our everyday life. Particularly if we imagine God to be a sort of old, mean man somewhere in the sky quite distant from us. This workshop explores some typical, harmful images of God and how we can expand our imagination to begin to trust that “God is Love.”

Mindfulness in an Age of Stress

In this popular workshop I teach some stress physiology and typical reactions to the stressful events in our lives. We then practice some very basic principles of mindfulness meditation, both with movement and sitting in quiet. We then talk about how to use these practices for greater self-understanding, and thus less stress and anxiety in our lives.