Minful People

Mindfulness is simply focusing your attention on the present moment in a conscious way. We often walk through our daily life on “auto pilot,” not truly attentive to the people and events of our day. This unconscious way of rushing through our lives not only contributes to our inability to “show up” to our life, but often is the cause of  the greater problems of stress, anxiety, depression, and even sickness and disease (dis-ease) that plague our country. Integrating a mindfulness meditation practice into your busy life is a simple way to take control of this tendency. This six-week class with Lori can help you learn how to relax, enjoy the present moment, slow down, and cope with stress with greater ease. It includes CD’s/mp3’s for home practice, readings, home assignments, and 6 class meetings. It is taught in our studios in the New Ulm Wellness Collective, but also can be taught in workplaces or with weekly individual meetings in my office to fit your schedule.